“Take a dip and come clean ” A Review of ‘ORAALPOOKAM’ by Artist Rashmi Khurana

“Take a dip and come clean “ Mahi’s obsessive seeking washed away all dirt and burden of his past, rising above time, space and beyond… I got up from my seat slowly, shaking me– yes, the movie has ended and so was the search of ‘Mahi’ for ‘Maya’. The story revolves around the protagonist Mahi’s desperate search for his missing beloved Maya, amidst the devastated hills of Uttrakhand after the extreme fury of floods and landslides in July 2013, causing heavy loss of lives and property. Each scene of ‘ORAALPOOKAM’ (6 Feet High) is so crisp and intensely shot   that it acts like a short story in itself. Like in a scene where while serving food to her husband and Mahi, Rosa keeps on putting more puris in Mahi’s full plate , innocently ignorant of her husband’s waiting empty plate… revealing  a woman’s heart who could  never forgets her ‘love’ no matter how she tries. In another memorable shot, after breaking up with Mahi, Maya’s long walk of going down the lane and then climbing up towards her red car, the restless lengthy silence of the scene reminds one of the painful calm before the arrival of a storm… Interestingly most of the scenes consist of meaningful dialogues between two characters, throwing thought provoking questions and statements on audience,  ‘Now, this is real Mahendra’ -.a simple statement by Maya, has the capacity to prove the vanity of human behaviour. In yet another scene in reply to Mahi’s answer ‘I don’t know’,sadhu’s answer ‘… Don’t know is temporary relief and a permanent question. Don’t know is the God… shows the ignorance of Human mind. The story moves ahead as Mahi ,a charming ,fun loving guy,in his persistent search for Maya, his love, his truth…became immune to all his physical needs and desires, finding solace in the peaceful silence of Maya. Any form of art serves its purpose if it incites emotions or thoughts. Am I also climbing ‘6 Feet High’. Where earth and sky meet….. The movie ended but my search for my truth has begun…… ‘ORAALPOOKAM‘ (6 Feet High) by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan , a must watch for all sensitive and wise… 10506836_1091662297516340_8153677614703544126_o 11094245_461685820649751_3337696667010033325_n

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