Hanifaism : mapping the world Through the Eyes of a Woman

“I am an Afghan. I am a Hazara. I am a girl. None of the above decreases my value as a human being.”


(The Distance Between Us, 2011)

Hanifa, is a young photographer from Afghanistan; whose works are narrations of general(?) issues of society with a special focus on women’s condition and status. Her works are testimonies of our time. Hanifa belongs to Hazara community, a “so called” minority group of tribes in Afghanistan, and she is a victim/byproduct of her own time like many others from the south Asian region, the war, attacks, crime, migrations,  bans and blood… but the important thing are not these social realities of our time but her energetic and enthusiastic present and a better future of humanity as she dreams through her life and works.

Hanifa’s images are pictorial narrations of her own time and place with a deep understanding of local issues and global approach, like many other (women) artists of the region she also talks about  gender, discrimination of people, objectification of women and so on, at a first glance her works can be seen like a photo-journalistic work or simple documentation but there are many layers of narration. She stars with very simple and general issues of daily life, and also takes inspirations from her own life as a woman, as an Afghan, as an artist, as a teacher, and than convert those issues in the most important questions of our time…

2   (Wedding, 2013)

Hanifa says the human body and “the gestures of the human body” are the subject matter of her work.so basically her works can be seen like personal stories that cross the closet of self and become universal in the content and form, it can also be seen like rereading of history/histories that deals with self as a part of larger humanity.

4   (1400 years of sameness, 2011. )

*** Hanifa Alizada is a part of NIV Art Centre’s ongoing International Artist Residency, and having a solo show from 28th March at the centre.

11051257_10203639000515924_269793963_n The Artist

R. Ritesh

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