Open House at Park [IN] Studio (20th September 2014)

Recently five young artists from different origins have joined their hands to showcase their art works in an informally formal way (as they define this initiative). Ravi Chunchula, Prem Singh, Midhun Gopi, Chala Chari and Sudhir Bagde, have recently exhibited their works at the studio space they rented out in a non – functional parking area of the newly urbanized village of Delhi, ‘Maidan Garhi’.

Among those five Prem Singh is a Delhite and others are from different regions of India, Ravi and Chari are from Andhra Pradesh, Sudhir is from Maharashtra and Mithun belongs to Kerala. They all were working at NIV Art Centre, a reputed art space in Neb Sarai, while working there they developed some good bindings and understanding and then they have rented this studio space and started to work and live together.

Maidan Garhi, Neb Sarai area is now developing like an artist village, where more than 50 artists are living and working in groups or personal studio spaces.

This exhibition titled Open House at Park in Studio, have generated some newer energy and impressive impact between the artist communities and the villagers.

The huge canvases by Ravi Chunchula, the miniature portraits by Chari, Abstract Cityscapes by Prem Singh, B/W photographs by Sudhir and installation and paintings done on self-made paper by Mithun, these artists are working in their own specific way and subjects, but there is a connecting line between these all works, all of the artists from this group is working on their daily encounters of the changing conditions of their life and the ever changing surroundings. Ravi works on the life behind the windows, he originally belongs to a small village of Andhra Pradesh and now he is living and working in Delhi, his genuine curiosity about the life of those urban people living in huge buildings and apartments driven him towards these series of works.

4   5

Prem who is originally from Delhi itself, but not the metro Delhi, he lives in sub urban area that was originally a rural place when he was a child, and now the whole surrounding of his place has changed in drastic way with tall buildings, crowded streets, and a lot of offices and marketplaces, his current series has got inspirations from this urbanization.


Chari who showcased very elegant miniature portraits has done the small portraits of famous personalities from every walk of life with a blank frame in display.

8  10

Sudhir who is basically a painter have shown his black and white photographs of the coal mines laborers and workers he has been seeing those workers from his child hood.


Mithun’s works are more about the act of painting and the thinking process rather than the end product, the abstract images. He works on the possibilities of breaking and expanding the limitation of a 2-D surface.

18  17

However Showcasing the art works in studio spaces by artists is not a very new concept, in places like Baroda or Shantiniketan or Kolkata this is very much in practice, and even in Delhi there were many events like this happened, last year Mukesh Sharma, an artist from Rajasthan have done a month long studio based project conceptualized and curated by Delhi based artist Unnati Singh.But for this newly urbanized and still isolated place of Delhi this is a new starting that will lead many other events like this hopefully.

The show was conceptualized by Bhavin Mistry, an artist from Baroda. Who is currently living and working as an art curator in Delhi.

DSC_9129 DSC_9149 DSC_9197 DSC_9250 DSC_8972 DSC_8986

Image Courtesy  –   Park[In] Studio.

R. Ritesh

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