Thanatophobia @ Wonderwall Gallery as a part of ongoing Lado Sarai Art Nite


Started in 2011, with the name of Art Night, this event is now became an important feature of Delhi’s art scenario. Lado Sarai, known as the art district of Delhi, an urbanized village has now become an important adda for arty people with more than 10 galleries on the both sides of the old MB Road.

This time eight galleries from the art hub of Delhi, come together to celebrate the creativity and spirit of art, Aakriti Art Gallery, Art and Aesthetics, Art District xiii, Art Positive, Exhibit 320, Gallery Five, Latitude 28 and Wonderwall. It was like a cocktail of all forms and mediums of art works, ranging from the old technique of cyanotype prints to the cutting edge arts like multimedia presentations, from the handmade fine art prints to highly conceptual installations.

Wonderwall gallery, one of India’s most important gallery that is fully devoted to photography (as the founder/director Ajay Rajgarhia himself is a serious photographer); is hosting the debut solo show of art works by B Ajay Sharma, called Thanatophobia (the fear for death). Ajay has presented a fascinating body of works, based on his childhood memories related to death, and the quest and curiosity related to these questions of life/death, life after death and the philosophical and metaphysical questionings related to soul and death. B Ajay Sharma basically a painter by his formal training in fine arts is now working as a multidisciplinary artist and using different mediums to explore his creativity ranging from the alternative techniques of photography to video installations. An important show to visit; not only for the artists and art lovers but also for the spiritual seekers and people from different disciplines who are engaged with these questions. A beautiful combination of old and new, technology and spirituality, philosophy and emotions, memories and mysteries.


We are posting soon more reviews about other exhibitions from the Art Nite, please be connected. 

Image courtesy – B Ajay Sharma and Wonderwall Gallery phenomena of sepration still from video-you are witness of your thought-2 Untitled-1 you-are-just-witnessingpthe-body-thanatophobia-2014-m


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